Certified HERS Rater | 5 STAR ENERGY

As a Certified HERS Rater, our HERS experts can ensure quality inspections for your project.


For many residential projects one or more HERS verifications will be required. A HERS verification is an inspection and/or diagnostic testing performed by a special third-party inspector called a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) rater. HERS verifications are mandatory for all new homes, some additions, and homes where new or replacement HVAC systems or ductwork are installed.

These verifications are important because studies have shown that the heating and air conditioning ducts in the average home leak 30 percent of the conditioned air in the system. Another common problem is insulation which does not provide the R-rating listed on the label because of improper installation. HERS raters prevent these problems from costing homeowner’s money for years to come.